Corruption and Illegal Conduct by FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals Attached to Joint Terrorism Task Forces

Corruption and Illegal Conduct by Federal Agents

Please Note: This website is Not the Official Website of The Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which are U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Nor is It Affiliated With Any Other Federal, State, County, or Municipal Government Agency.
Instead, it’s a personal blog and/or website of Umesh Heendeniya that documents and describes the Illegal Conduct and Brazen Corruption Perpetrated Upon Him for Years by FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to the Tampa-Orlando Joint Terrorism Task Force (the Tampa-Orlando JTTF), and possibly Tampa-Orlando ATF Agents.

(1). “F.B.I. Agents Became C.I.A. Operatives in Secret Overseas Prisons” by Carol Rosenberg in The N. Y. Times on Nov. 19, 2021.
Alternative-WebLink: F.B.I. Agents Became C.I.A. Operatives in Secret Overseas Prisons.
(2). The Biggest Little CIA Shop You’ve Never Heard Of; by Jeff Stein.
(3). CIA Is Expanding Domestic Operations; by Dana Priest.

A brief summary about me and how I came to be in the cross-hairs of Cops (i.e., FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, ATF Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) from approx. September, 2010:
My name is Umesh Heendeniya, I live in Hernando County, Florida, and have lived here since mid-2014. Prior to that I lived in Massachusetts. I have Never been Convicted of a Felony, and for many years I have been a Peaceful Advocate for The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights Contained in The Bill of Rights. I have done my Lawful, Peaceful Advocacy of The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights by, in part, having created some years back several Online Websites pertaining these rights, and having created many years ago several Online Web Repositories (Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, ScribD, Box, Slideshare, etc.) that contain many Adobe PDF Documents and Videos.

Approx. June, 2010, I posted a book review on Mr. Mumia Abu Jamal’s book– “Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the USA.” About 3 months later, I began an online romantic relationship with a lady “who supposedly lived in Iran,” and a few weeks later began following the Muslim faith (from Fall, 2010 to April, 2013 when I reverted back to Christianity). I’ve since realized that this “supposedly long-distance romantic relationship” probably had been a MANUFACTURED ENTRAPMENT OPERATION, carried out by FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals assigned to the Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force. Thus, shortly after I began communicating with this Iranian lady, members of the Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force (Massachusetts JTTF) began– somewhat covertly– surveilling me, and this lasted until I moved to Florida in mid-2014.

From approx. late-January, 2015 to the Present, “FBI Special Agents” and “FBI Investigative Specialists” of the Tampa-Orlando FBI field office, “Special Deputy U.S. Marshals” assigned to the Tampa-Orlando Joint Terrorism Task Force (Tampa-Orlando JTTF) and/or members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF have been Intensely, Aggressively, and Overtly Surveilling me, Stalking me, and Harassing me. On Jan. 15, 2016, 3 members of the Tampa-Orlando JTTF forcefully Interrogated me against my will through Coercion, even though I had promptly invoked my “Right to Remain Silent” and my “Right to Counsel,” right at the beginning of the interaction with them at my doorstep. Later, through Florida’s version of FOIA (Florida Statute Section 119.07), I found out that FBI Agent Tom Miller and FBI Agent Sonya Yougue were with the Tampa-Orlando FBI office while Hernando County Sheriff’s Detective David Kortman was “a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal and a Sheriff’s Detective” with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO in Florida).

I have continued to be Aggressively, In-Your-Face Overtly, and Excessively Surveilled, Harassed, Stalked and Intimidated by “Special Agents” and “Investigative Specialists” of the FBI field office, “Special Deputy U.S. Marshals” assigned to the Tampa-Orlando JTTF, Deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, and on information and belief members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF (On information and belief, members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF are using several of my Online Websites that I’ve created over the years as Pretextual Justification to Surveil, Harass, and Intimidate Me). Because of controlling U.S. Supreme Court case law (such as: Laird v. Tatum, 408 U.S. 1 (1972)) and its progeny in the U.S. Courts of Appeal, there’s not much I can do through litigation, other than silently suffer.

The fact is, Cops (i.e., FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, ATF Agents, Deputy Sheriffs, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, State Troopers, Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) HAVE WEAPONIZED THEIR SURVEILLANCE AUTHORITIES, in order to PUNISH AND DETER PEACEFUL CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL LIBERTIES ACTIVISTS (i.e., The Target/Mark of these Rogue Cops) from Advocating for the Protections and Safeguards embodied in The U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights (i.e., my Online Websites on the Internet, where I’ve Advocated for The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights Contained in The Bill of Rights AND my Online Web Repositories).

Thus, Cops USING THE PRETEXT OF CONDUCTING COUNTERTERRORISM OR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS have engaged– for the past approx. 12 years– in Blatantly Overt, In-Your-Face, Aggressive, and Excessive Surveillance of Me (Their Target) for the Purpose of Harassing, Stalking, and Intimidating a Peaceful Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Activist.

In the past few years, these Cops have broken into my Florida home on multiple occasions to, for example put water in my sandwiches or in one instance spike my coffee with some chemical/material so that I had severe diarrhea when I was at the H&R Block Tax Preparation Office in Brooksville, Florida (There’s more to this story and it will be documented on this website). I will be explaining these types of Abuses, Direct & Indirect Threats, Intimidation, and Harassment that have been Inflicted Upon Me for Years by these Cops.

A big factor that drove me to create websites such as this one was so that I could Document and Inform the Public about the Illegal and/or Unethical Conduct by these Cops, and Also Document and Inform the Public about how they have been Destroying, Changing, and/or Deleting My Evidence:
– that I would need in a Civil Lawsuit Against Them (i.e., Spoliation of Evidence), or
– that I would need in the event I’m arrested and criminally prosecuted by them for some Bogus Federal and/or State Criminal Charges (i.e., Brady and/or Giglio Violations).

I believe part of the reason behind the brazen conduct of these Cops is the Moral Hazard (i.e., lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences) that Society has, over many decades, allowed Cops to enshrine themselves with. See below 3 news stories for example:

the news story about the lawsuit settlement arising out of the beating of Mr. Floyd Dent by Inkster, Michigan Police Officer William Melendez:

$1.38M Cop Beating Settlement Will Cost Inkster Taxpayers; by Elisha Anderson, in the Detroit Free Press:

(2). City Offers $20.5 Million Settlement to Two Men Who Say Chicago Ex-Detective Framed Them For Murder; by John Byrne, in the Chicago Tribune.

(3). How Cities Offload the Cost of Police Brutality; by Brentin Mock, on Bloomberg.

(4). Editorial: Who Pays the Bill For Sheriff Misconduct? You Do; by The Times Editorial Board, in the L. A. Times, on Aug. 31, 2022.
Alternative Web-link: Who Pays the Bill For Sheriff Misconduct? You Do

On this website, there are 2 webpages that are shown on the web-menu and are titled as: News Articles Pertaining to Brutality and/or Corruption by Cops AND Scholarly Articles Pertaining to Brutality and/or Corruption by Cops. They contain many news stories and scholarly articles that delve into this Moral Hazard factor pertaining to Cops.

On this website, there are 2 webpages that are shown on the web-menu and are titled as: News Articles Pertaining to Brutality and/or Corruption by Cops AND Scholarly Articles Pertaining to Brutality and/or Corruption by Cops. They contain many news stories and scholarly articles that delve into this Moral Hazard factor pertaining to Cops.

Additionally, I’m documenting the Brazen, Intimidating Acts of Spoliation of Evidence (from a Civil Lawsuit context) or Brady and/or Giglio Violations (from a Criminal Prosecution context) by these Cops because there have been numerous instances where Hacker(s) employed by the FBI’s Remote Operations Unit (FBI’s ROU) or Private Contract Hackers from the Remote Assistance Team Members [i.e., the “Police Hacker(s)”] have:
(1). Deleted Video Evidentiary files that I’d created; or
(2). Modified Text-Data files; or
(3). Deleted files in my Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, DropBox Online File Repositories; or
(4). Destroyed or Modified Computer Operating System Files in my Dell Desktop PC so that I couldn’t Login to the Computer or it became Unstable, and so I had to Reinstall the whole operating system again; or
(5). Hacked into my Apple iPad-3 and changed the password (the password I’d had for several years) so that I was locked out of my Apple iPad Tablet and its Data, and thus was Forced to do a Factory Reset of the iPad-3 thus having to Delete Years of Data Contained in the iPad-3; or
(6). Since the Police Hacker(s) had persistent access to my Computer Devices (including my Cellphone), they Intentionally damaged my Cellphone and/or iPad-3 which contained the 2-Factor Authentication Apps (Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator), so that since then, I’ve been unable to login or access my various Online File Repositories or Social Media Platform; or
(7). The Police Hacker(s) have damaged the operating system files in my Dell Desktop PC many times over the years, and hence I’ve had no recourse but to keep Reinstalling the Microsoft Operating System Windows-10 and Reinstall the various Apps that I need. However, these Apps that I’ve purchased over the recent years can ONLY be Reinstalled a certain number of times before the Installation Key/Code of this App(s) become Invalid and you have to Re-Purchase the App(s) all over again, thus costing me Money that I cannot Afford. Thus the Goal of the Police Hacker(s) was to cause me Financial Hardship in Whatever Way they can.

Since the Police Hacker(s) have a History of Deleting and/or Modifying my Needed Evidentiary Files that are Stored in my Computer Devices (Dell Desktop PC, Cellphone, iPad-3, etc.) and/or my External Hard Drives, by Documenting and Preserving (by Archiving my Websites on “” and ““) the Instances/Events of these Intimidating, Illegal Acts on my various Websites on the Internet, there will be a Documented (and hopefully a Reliable & Accurate) History of the Blatant Abuse and Intimidation of Me Perpetrated by these Cops.


INVENTING TERRORISTS – THE LAWFARE OF PREEMPTIVE PROSECUTION” (199 Pages)(April, 2019); by Attorney Stephen Downs, Esq and Attorney Kathy Manley (Coalition for Civil Freedoms):

MANUFACTURING TERRORISTS – THE FBI’S ENTRAP & DEMONIZE STRATEGY” (26 Pages); by Chris Tei (Autumn Rain) and Defending Rights & Dissent:

STILL SPYING ON DISSENT: THE ENDURING PROBLEM OF FBI FIRST AMENDMENT” (October 22, 2019)(48 Pages); by Chip Gibbons and Defending Rights & Dissent:

In the past few years, there have been many instances where FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to the Tampa-Orlando Joint Terrorism Task Force (Tampa-Orlando JTTF), and possibly Tampa-Orlando ATF Agents have broken/damaged my property, including brazenly breaking into my home to damage my property. The attempt of these Thuggish Cops appears to be to antagonize and provoke me to lash out in violence so they can arrest me or employ deadly force against me.

This is not a new tactic that FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to JTTFs are employing. These Cops will pursue their Target relentlessly, using Sophisticated Psychological methods/ploys to “Nudge” their Target to make a Mistake so that the Cops can Either Arrest Their Target or Employ Deadly Force Against Their Target. I have had these Provocations and Blatant Aggravations Inflicted Upon Me for Years.

Below are Several Tactics that Cops Regularly Employ Against Those They Vindictively Target:
(1). Lying and Engaging in Deception.
(2). Physical Surveillance.
(3). Electronic Surveillance and Computer Surveillance.

In regards to “Lying and Engaging in Deception,” the following books address the matter:
(1). Spy The Lie; by CIA Officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero.
(2). Get The Truth; by CIA Officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero.
(3). The Interrogators’ Guide to Depositions, Investigations, & Discovery: What Civil Trial Attorneys Can Learn from the World’s Best Interrogators; by John Morgenstern Esq.
(4). Deception – Counterdeception and Counterintelligence; by Robert M. Clark and William L. Mitchell.
(5). Counter-Intelligence; by Hank Prunckun.
(6). The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read; by Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch. (The title of the book is kind of off-putting, but I found that it contains a lot of good information)
(7). Influence; by Robert B Cialdini, PhD.
(8). How to Beat The Police Interrogation: Learn Their Dirty Tricks & Tools; by Anonymous.
(9). Nudge; by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein.
(10). 51 Dirty Tricks Bad Guys Really Hate: Sneaky Tactics used by Police, Private Investigators and Bounty Hunters; by Larry Kaye Private Investigator.
(11). Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade; by Robert B Cialdini, PhD.
(12). The Art of Thinking Clearly; by Rolf Dobelli.

In regard to “Physical Surveillance,” the following books address the matter:
 Surveillance Zone: The Hidden World of Corporate Surveillance Detection & Covert Special Operations; by Ami Toben.

(2). Surveillance and Surveillance Detection: A CIA Insider’s Guide; by Former CIA Case Officer John Kiriakou.
(3). Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life; by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley.
(4). The Ellipsis Manual: analysis and engineering of human behavior; by Chase Hughes.
(5). Introduction to Executive Protection; by Dale L. June and Elijah Shaw.

In regards to “Electronic Surveillance and Computer Surveillance,” the following websites and/or books address the matter:
 Introduction to Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) – Electronic Bug Sweeps; by John Morris (on the Udemy Website).

(2). Spycam Detection in Workplace Expectation of Privacy Areas; by Kevin D. Murray (on the Udemy Website).
(3). Urban Surveillance Setups; by Johnston Blakley (on the Udemy Website),
(4). Bug Sweeping (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures); by Michael Chandler (on the Udemy Website)
(5). Defense Against The Black Arts – How Hackers Do What They Do and How to Protect Against It; by Jesse Varsalone and Matthew McFadden.
(6). The Secret Surveillance Tools Available to Cops:
(7). FBI Searched Data of Millions of Americans Without Warrants
; by Chris Strohm:
(8). How to Sweep For Bugs and Hidden Cameras – To keep them from listening in, take a very good look around you. And then bust out the tools; by Lily Hay Newman:

Here is a tragic story of a Target of the Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force who was Shot and Killed by Cops attached to the Massachusetts JTTF: In Boston, Media Again Trash a Police Shooting Victim by Uncritically “Reporting” Police Accusations; by Glenn Greenwald.

Some of the Psychological Ploys used by these Cops to Provoke me to give in to my Emotions and Lash Out, include:

(1). Firing some type of projectiles (possibly an Air Gun custom fitted with some type of perhaps, plastic coated projectile or BB rounds) near me in order to make impact sounds, in the hope of Triggering Emotional Trauma in Me and to Provoke me. The Cops have been well aware that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Type 2 Manic Depression, and thus they aim to EXPLOIT THE MEDICAL VULNERABILITIES IN ME.

(2). For years now, Cops have driven past my home back and forth throughout the Day and Night. I realized the full breadth of the manpower they were Employing Against Me only once I was able to borrow money from a relative in early 2021 and purchase and set-up an 8-camera CCTV system, and by employing the concept of BASELINING The Neighborhood Traffic over time, I could clearly see that ANOMALIES in Vehicular Traffic. Plus, the Cops would make their presence known and obvious. For example: when I go outside to get the mail from the mailbox, you can see the sudden increase in traffic going past my home. The Aim of the Cops was the MIND OF THEIR TARGET. In the 2 books “Spy The Lie” and “Get The Truth” authored by CIA Officers Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero, the authors discuss the Concept called the “Mind Virus.” This is a partial explanation of the Tactic of making the Target of the Cops feel that even in the Supposed Safety of His Home (i.e., “Your Home is Your Castle”), these Cops will Buzz Around Like Vultures collecting TaxPayer Money to drive back and forth in vehicles most of which are taxpayer funded (perhaps some of these vehicles the Cops use are ones they seized through Civil Asset Forfeiture).

(3). My Desktop Computer, my iPad tablet, and my Phone has been broken into and hacked for years by either an FBI Remote Operations Unit (FBI ROU) member or an FBI Remote Assistance Team Member.

I’m fairly certain that I have correctly identified the very-nearby house where this “Computer Hacker”/”Electronic Warfare Expert” (i.e., “Police Hacker”) lives. For years I have noticed that the home where this guy lives in has its garage open all or most of the time– even in the middle of the night. I put two-and-two together and figured out that this guy probably has his antenna set up there, which connects to his computer and to other electronic devices used in electronic warfare and cyber attacks. In order for him to maximize the signal reception from my home to the antenna(s) in his garage, he keeps his garage open pretty much all the time. I’ve also strongly suspected, based on the behavior of the Cops who drive and surveil my home 24-7 by driving back and forth in the housing development I live in, that my home and my car are completely bugged by both Audio and Video Surveillance equipment so that the Cops can closely monitor me and monitor all of my movement in my home and in my car. Given the length of time (many years now) that these Cops must have been able to convince a Judge to repeatedly authorize Audio and Video Surveillance of my home and my car, it’s probably Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Search Warrants that the Cops must’ve obtained and must be continually getting periodic renewals by engaging in Deception and Exaggeration, in order to convince the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC Court) to authorize:
50 U.S.C. § 1804 (authorizing Electronic Surveillance under FISA); 50 U.S.C. § 1823 (authorizing Physical Searches under FISA); 50 U.S.C. § 1842; and/or 50 U.S.C. § 1862

In case you mistakenly think that FISA Search Warrants can only be used against foreigners or immigrants living in the USA or in another country, read the following article regarding FISA’s ‘Two-Hop’ Loophole:
FISA’s License to Hop; by J.E. Dyer.

Also, read the following 3 books and you’ll realize that it’s Not Difficult for Cops to Find Some Violation of a Federal or State Penal Code on pretty much anybody, which they then can piggy-back on, in order to use as evidence to Justify Obtaining Search Warrant(s):
(i). Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent; by Law Professor Harvey Silverglate.
(ii). One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors, and Activist Judges Threaten Your Liberty; by Paul Rosenzwieg and Brian W. Walsh.
(iii). You Have the Right to Remain Innocent; by Law Professor James Duane.

One of the frightening aspects of this Police Hacker’s brazen conduct is that, over the years he has hacked into my Desktop PC and iPad and damaged them so that I have had to do complete reinstallations of them. In the case of the Desktop PC, many times because the Police Hacker would delete or do other kinds of damage to operating system files, I become unable to use the computer and thus are forced to reinstall everything. A few months ago, the Police Hacker maliciously changed the password in my iPad that I’ve had for years, and as a result, after several times I had no choice but to do a complete Factory Reset of the iPad, thereby losing several years of data.

The Police Hacker would also engage in Acts of Harassment such as when I make phone calls using my cellphone (which this Police Hacker has hacked), and the person I was trying to reach answers the phone, the Police Hacker would make the phone line cut off, and this would happen repeatedly. However, when I pull out my video recorder and start video recording me dialing that phone number that kept getting cut-off when the other party picks up the line, and thus attempt to create Video Evidence of the DISRUPTION by the Police Hacker, magically the phone call would go through fine. The purpose of this was to frustrate me and try to provoke me to anger and lose emotional control, and/or to feel dejected and feel hopeless (given my documented Psychiatric Disabilities of PTSD and Type 2 Manic Depression).

The Police Hacker has also deleted several important Evidentiary Videos that I’ve recorded and have caught on video documenting and thus proving the Psychological Warfare and Intimidation that these Cops have Inflicted Upon Me for Years. From a Civil Lawsuit perspective, these are clear instances of Spoliation of Evidence (Click Here and Here for explanations). From a Criminal Prosecution perspective, these could be clear instances of Brady Violations and Giglio Violations.

In addition, over the years, Cops have broken into my home and damaged my property, but they do it very carefully so as to minimize their potential criminal exposure. For example:

After the early 2020 Covid-19 incident, stores such as Walmart began offering curbside pickup of food items. I began using this service regularly and for several months I had no issues. But then suddenly from a certain point in time onwards, I noticed that one frozen, packeted vegetables that I would purchase from the Walmart online store would each time be torn open slightly so that the contents would spill out when I arrive home and unpack the groceries. I realized over time that this was the Cops’ way of menacingly warning me that they could do far worse things to my groceries if they wanted to (it was a blatant Act of Intimidation by the Cops).

The interior of my car was slashed by the Cops. Several times I have gone shopping and returned to my car to find that the driver’s seat had been moved forward significantly such that before driving again I would have to readjust the seat back to my usual comfortable position.
And one time– excuse me for having to say such a Crass thing– when I went to the Bank, and came back later and got into my Car, I immediately Smelled a Very Strong ODOR of Someone’s Fart. As human beings we know our own odors and it was Unmistakable that Someone Else had gotten into my car while I was inside the Bank– and given the many years of Harassment, Intimidation, and Stalking Inflicted Upon Me by Cops– an Undercover Cop had Purposely and Maliciously left his Strong Fart Odor As a Way to Provoke Me Into Anger.

As human beings, we naturally tend to be creatures of habit. Cops EXPLOIT this characteristic in people. For example: I have a certain setting that I use in my Washer and Dryer and I don’t deviate from that setting. Several times over the years I have found that Cops had Broken Into My Home and Changed the Setting to make it Obvious to Me that They Could Come and Go as They Please and Could Do Whatever They Wanted Inside of My Home, and for the Present They were Limiting Their Acts to Things such as This. “Your Home is Your Castle” Doesn’t Apply to Me in My Home.

Approximately 3 years ago, the Cops broke into my home and did the following. Because I use Sharpie Highlighters frequently, I prefer to purchase them online in a pack of 12 per each color. What the Cops did was, they took one of the pink colored pens (no doubt because it’s the sole color from the Sharpie Highlighters that is closest to the Red Color– the Color of Blood) and took a slight bit of toilet paper and wrapped it several times around the Tip of the Pen, and then closed the pen. In hindsight analysis, I realized that what it does is, it causes the Highlighter Pen to leak the fluid into the small bit of VERY ABSORBENT Toilet Paper. When the Unsuspecting Owner of the Pen, opens the Highlighter Pen by holding the Cap of the Pen with the fingers of one hand and pulls out the Body of the Pen with the fingers of the other hand, there is a good possibility that the small bit of toilet paper that is Soggy and Damp with the Sharpie Highlighters’ Ink is going to fall on the Unsuspecting Owner of the Pen and perhaps his clothes (in my case, it  along with some excess Sharpie Highlighter ink fell on the Carpet of my home, leaving a stain). This example shows how the Cops are Aiming at the Mind of Their Target in order to Harass, Intimidate, Cause Fear, and Cause High Stress in Their Target.

A few weeks back, I found that the Cops had broken into my home while I was gone and taken my loaf of bread and soaked each slice of bread with some water. They had been particular in doing this because had the Cops poured the water into the loaf of bread without separating each slice, the top few slices would have absorbed all of the water. But by Separating Each Slice and pouring water into the Left Side of Each Slice of Bread, the Cops Wanted Me to Taste the Unmistakable Dampness of approximately Half of Each Slice of the Soggy Bread when I ate. This is The Level of Malice of These Cops, and they did this in order to SEND ME THE UNMISTAKABLE MENACING WARNING that THEY COULD DO FAR WORSE AND MORE SINISTER THINGS TO MY FOOD IF AND WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO.
I fortunately remembered to save some part of the plastic wrapping of that loaf of bread for possible Evidentiary Purposes:


(1). A Civil Rights Case Against the Police and Prosecutors: Litigating a Section 1983 Brady Claim; by Illinois Legal Aid Online:

(2). A Civil Rights Case Against the Police From Start to Finish; by Illinois Legal Aid Online:

(3). Cops (i.e., FBI Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Municipal Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) are EXPERTS at LYING and Engaging in DECEPTION. Thus, WHENEVER ANYONE SPEAKS TO A COP, it would be Very Prudent of him/her to USE HIS/HER SMARTPHONE TO VIDEO-RECORD OR AUDIO-RECORD ALL INTERACTIONS With ANY COP.
10 RULES FOR DEALING WITH POLICE (April 30, 2012); by Flex Your Rights

(4). WARNING: Do Not Talk to Federal Agents (i.e., FBI AGENTS, ATF AGENTS, SPECIAL DEPUTY U.S. MARSHALS, etc.) or You May Find Yourself in Jail.

Watch the Below Video Titled “PROTECT YOURSELF FROM FBI MANIPULATION (With Massachusetts Based Attorney and Author Harvey Silverglate); by ACLU of Massachusetts.
18 U.S.C. Section 1001 – “Lying to Federal Agents”: Learn how the FBI can manipulate what you say and use it against you, and how to prevent them from doing so! With Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Attorney Harvey Silverglate (author of the book “THREE FELONIES A DAY: HOW THE FEDS TARGET THE INNOCENT“).

  • Cops (i.e., FBI Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Municipal Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guardsetc.) are EXPERTS at LYING and Engaging in DECEPTION. Thus, WHENEVER ANYONE SPEAKS TO A COP, it would be Very Prudent of him/her to use her SMARTPHONE to VIDEO-RECORD OR AUDIO-RECORD ALL INTERACTIONS With ANY COP.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The FBI DOES NOT allow their interviews to be recorded? Why is that? Because they think they are above questioning and anything they say is truth. If they allow recordings then a citizen could prove they did not lie or the incident did NOT occur as the FBI wrote in their report. If that is not a clue then I can’t help you.
  • Talking and Cooperating with the Government Never Turns Out Well and Can ALWAYS Backfire and the Government Can USE IT AGAINST YOU.
  • Know Your Rights, Ask for an Attorney and NEVER Give a Statement Before You Request an Attorney.

(5). DON’T TALK TO THE POLICE; by Law Professor James Duane of Regent University School of Law.
Regent Law Professor James Duane gives you startling reasons why you should ALWAYS EXERCISE YOUR 5TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS when questioned by Cops (i.e., FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, ATF Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Municipal Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.):

Download Law Professor James Duane’s FREE article on the topic at the following web-link:

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